Zibro Heater Error Codes and Zibro Service Manual

Following on from my popular Corona Inverter heater error codes page, I have decided to add a similar page dedicated to translating the Zibro Inverter Heater error codes. Zibro Heaters, work in a similar manner as the Corona Heaters, and in the event of a failure with a component or the operating environment then the Zibro Inverter Heater will shut down and display an error code on the built in digital display.

The Zibro Inverter Heater Error Codes are listed below

E-0 = Temperature within the heater too high
F-0 = Power Interrupted during operation
E-1 = Faulty Thermostat
F-1 = Faulty Burner Thermistor (Flame Rod / Flame Sensor)
E-2 = Starting Problems (an Error / Faulty Component has been detected during the start up phase)
E-5 = Tip Over Protection Triggered (Heater has been knocked, tipped over or is on an uneven surface)
E-6 = Poor Burning / Poor Combustion
E-7 = Room Temperature has exceeded 32c (may also indicate a faulty room temperature sensor)
E-8 = Defective Booster
E-9 = Air Filter or Fuel Filter clogged or dirty

In addition, the display blinking –:– and flashing “Vent” indicates that there is too little ventilation in the room. Open a window slightly.

Several of these Zibro Error codes, advise you to contact your Zibro Heater dealer for servicing and repair if they should appear, however this can prove to be very expensive, especially if they nearest Zibro Distributor is many miles away or in a different Country. Unlike Gas or LPG heaters, Servicing a Zibro Heater yourself is perfectly legal in most Countries and can easily be done with care by most competent people with basic DIY skills, and spare parts for these heaters are available from several European Distributors.

Although some parts inside the Zibro Heater are different to the Corona the general strip down and cleaning procedure / advice is the same, and so my Servicing a Corona Heater page and video may be helpful. Often a good clean can solve many error codes, and basic servicing at the end of every winter is advised and encouraged on any Inverter heater.

In addition, the Zibro Heater Service Manual is available to download below, this workshop manual shows the servicing procedure in more detail as well as how to get access to, and replace the various parts inside the heater. This Service Manual covers several popular models, but the procedure should be the same for other Zibro heater models which are not listed.

Click Here to download the Zibro Heater Service Manual

3 Responses to Zibro Heater Error Codes and Zibro Service Manual

  1. Gary Whitaker says:

    I’m getting an EH error code on my 5006 paraffin heater, I followed your guide and stripped it down and cleaned it out, although there were no carbon deposits, I gave it a thorough clean then put it back together.
    It did fire up but when the temperature reached 26 it cut out and displayed EH.
    I would appreciate any help you could offer me
    Many thanks

  2. admin says:

    If the heater actually cuts out with a room temperature of 26c, then I suspect the air being blown in from the room is too hot to adequately cool down the outside of the heat chamber and so the external case temperature sensor is rising beyond safe running levels and the overheat protection is shutting the heater down. I’ve never actually tried my own heaters beyond 22c or 23c so i’m unable to comment on my own experience, but to test it I would run the heater for a number of hours at say 23c or 24c and see if the problem is solved. If the previously ran for long periods at 26c in the same room with no problems, and if you have already ruled out the more obvious reasons for this such as restricted air flow through the heater caused by blocked or clogged vents and that the Blower Fan is running smoothly and at its correct speed then you probably need to look at replacing the sensors within the heater. Either way “EH” is the safety overheat shutdown being triggered, as indicated in the user manual

  3. Abo Ahmed says:

    Please i have corona modelFh-G3212y kerosene fan heater it give me the code HH direcly when put in AC plug and nothing works can you give what is the error please thanks.

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