Zibro Heater Error Codes and Zibro Service Manual

Following on from my popular Corona Inverter heater error codes page, I have decided to add a similar page dedicated to translating the Zibro Inverter Heater error codes. Zibro Heaters, work in a similar manner as the Corona Heaters, and in the event of a failure with a component or the operating environment then the Zibro Inverter Heater will shut down and display an error code on the built in digital display.

The Zibro Inverter Heater Error Codes are listed below

E-0 = Temperature within the heater too high
F-0 = Power Interrupted during operation
E-1 = Faulty Thermostat
F-1 = Faulty Burner Thermistor (Flame Rod / Flame Sensor)
E-2 = Starting Problems (an Error / Faulty Component has been detected during the start up phase)
E-5 = Tip Over Protection Triggered (Heater has been knocked, tipped over or is on an uneven surface)
E-6 = Poor Burning / Poor Combustion
E-7 = Room Temperature has exceeded 32c (may also indicate a faulty room temperature sensor)
E-8 = Defective Booster
E-9 = Air Filter or Fuel Filter clogged or dirty

In addition, the display blinking –:– and flashing “Vent” indicates that there is too little ventilation in the room. Open a window slightly.

Several of these Zibro Error codes, advise you to contact your Zibro Heater dealer for servicing and repair if they should appear, however this can prove to be very expensive, especially if they nearest Zibro Distributor is many miles away or in a different Country. Unlike Gas or LPG heaters, Servicing a Zibro Heater yourself is perfectly legal in most Countries and can easily be done with care by most competent people with basic DIY skills, and spare parts for these heaters are available from several European Distributors.

Although some parts inside the Zibro Heater are different to the Corona the general strip down and cleaning procedure / advice is the same, and so my Servicing a Corona Heater page and video may be helpful. Often a good clean can solve many error codes, and basic servicing at the end of every winter is advised and encouraged on any Inverter heater.

In addition, the Zibro Heater Service Manual is available to download below, this workshop manual shows the servicing procedure in more detail as well as how to get access to, and replace the various parts inside the heater. This Service Manual covers several popular models, but the procedure should be the same for other Zibro heater models which are not listed.

Click Here to download the Zibro Heater Service Manual

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10 Responses to Zibro Heater Error Codes and Zibro Service Manual

  1. Gary Whitaker says:

    I’m getting an EH error code on my 5006 paraffin heater, I followed your guide and stripped it down and cleaned it out, although there were no carbon deposits, I gave it a thorough clean then put it back together.
    It did fire up but when the temperature reached 26 it cut out and displayed EH.
    I would appreciate any help you could offer me
    Many thanks

  2. admin says:

    If the heater actually cuts out with a room temperature of 26c, then I suspect the air being blown in from the room is too hot to adequately cool down the outside of the heat chamber and so the external case temperature sensor is rising beyond safe running levels and the overheat protection is shutting the heater down. I’ve never actually tried my own heaters beyond 22c or 23c so i’m unable to comment on my own experience, but to test it I would run the heater for a number of hours at say 23c or 24c and see if the problem is solved. If the previously ran for long periods at 26c in the same room with no problems, and if you have already ruled out the more obvious reasons for this such as restricted air flow through the heater caused by blocked or clogged vents and that the Blower Fan is running smoothly and at its correct speed then you probably need to look at replacing the sensors within the heater. Either way “EH” is the safety overheat shutdown being triggered, as indicated in the user manual

  3. Abo Ahmed says:

    Please i have corona modelFh-G3212y kerosene fan heater it give me the code HH direcly when put in AC plug and nothing works can you give what is the error please thanks.

  4. Michael Titterington says:

    I have a Zibro LC-DX320 Petroleum Stove Silver / Black. I think it is a Great heater. I use it a lot, every day at least 12 hours+. Without any problems. It kicks in from the timer and ticks away at usually 7C until I switch it over to the timer facility. I use central heating oil as the fuel I burn. Much cheaper and doesn’t give any odors. Last night the heater switched off giving E6 the reason. I checked the fuel level but seeing as I had only refilled the tank earlier in the morning, that wasn’t the reason. I restarted and the heater went through the start mode and fired up . After what can only have been no more than 5 minutes probably less. The heater again switched off giving E6. I have repeated this procedure of start/restart to NO success. As well the E6 code, on a few occasions it gives E2. I have cleaned the fuel filter, though I did not think there was any reason there was anything blocking. I’ve checked that fuel is filling the fixed tank from the portable tank. I’ve tried with the temp set at different settings. To no success. I’ve vacuumed the outside of the fan inlet holes also. When the heater fires up it runs as expected. The orange light goes to solid. Very shortly after this, the light starts flashing, the fire then seems to restart but then kicks out the error codes as mentioned. Has anyone got any ideas? The heater I bought last March 2018 from Amazon Germany site, it was cheaper. I’ve noticed that Amazon list it as out of stock and unknown if it will be available again. It would be a fortune to send back and then perhaps the issue is because of the type of fuel I burn? The flame is always blue colour and no odours.
    Thanks in anticipation

  5. admin says:

    Hi, I’ve used domestic heating oil (28 second Kerosene) in both of my heaters since I started this blog about 7 years ago, and both are still working and cranking out the heat this Winter without any major issues. I do routinely strip and clean the heaters at the end of every season though before I drain and store them over the Summer months, as like any combustion heater, they will produce carbon deposits when subject to frequent use and so I think regular servicing is the key to reliability. Are you sure that your oil is completely free from water as even small amounts of water, or stale fuel can cause erratic operation, and a multitude of error codes in these heaters as they do need a good fuel, and so my first suggestion would be to try another batch of fuel from another supplier, or run it through a “Mr Filter” funnel which removes both dirt and water from within the Kerosene (which is often caused by storage at the fuel depot). Also make sure the intake and outlet vents are clean and clear of dust, if you have not done so already.

    If this doesn’t work then you may need to strip the heater and clean the burn chamber You can find instructions on how to access and clean the combustion chamber Here, the instructions on the page are based on a Corona heater, but the assembly and operation is basically similar across all of the models, so it should point you in the right direction. There is also a Zibro Service manual available here, again it may help even if its not the exact model as yours.

    You could also try adding Dipetane Fuel Additive to the Heating Oil, I normally don’t promote the use of additives, believing many of them to either be expensive snake oil or largely paraffin themselves in nature and so no different to the oil its being added to!, however I trialed an additive called Dipetane last year and did notice a reduction in carbon in the combustion chamber of both heaters when I cleaned them out last spring so i’m keeping an open mind and so this is the only additive I now recommend. I used 5ml of the additive last year in every 4 – 5 litre fill of fuel and have upped the dose to 10ml per 4 – 5 Litres of Oil this Winter so the smallest available 1 litre bottle does go a long way at either dose. I do also use the additive in a Diesel car too (It can be added to ANY fuel), to help prevent DPF problems, although that is another subject entirely and destined for another blog!.

  6. zibro LC 400 inverter heater error code E6 poor burning how can I repair it. It’s about three years old and I’ve used domestic heating oil.

  7. Michael Titterington says:

    My apologies in the lateness of my reply – I have been poorly and unable to try out any te methods you mention. Yesterday as soon as power was switched on at the plug, E…..2 I emptied the fuel tank and put some of the Dipetane in, then refilled the tank. This was the last resort method before seeking out a new fire. The price of Paraffin either bought from a local hardware store or in x4 4l containers is rather a cost expensive way to buy fuel. A large 200l tank plus a pump to draw up the amount for usage again is expensive. I am disabled, single and amongst the plethora of other conditions I live with is Raynauds. I have been using the fire for Approx 16 – 18 hours each day. I bought a liter bottle of Dipetane and tried to fire up? No still immediately from switching igniter on E ….. 2. I was unable to get past this scenario. I left alone over the night time and thought of putting the Dipetane in the car fuel tank. I switched the fire on and there is no error message? Next, it goes through its start sequence and low and behold I have heat!!!!!!! It has been faultless over the past 5 hours and is quieter. I AM SO VERY HAPPY! I have been able to save spending on a dual fuel oil burner. My VERY SINCERE GRATEFUL THANKS! SUPERB RESULT!!!! :) :):):)

  8. Michael says:

    Hi (again!)
    Since I last wrote up until a week or so ago, my heater has performed without any problem. Without any change, it now starts, runs for a mostly short time of up to approx 2 minutes, and then cuts out with E – 9 displayed. Checking the answer to this code, I cleaned the air intake grills at the rear and carefully removed the same part to clean. Though I have to say there were no visible signs of any obstruction. I regularly give this a vacuum. However, no change, a short run time of usually no more than 2 minutes and then cuts out. Always the E – 9 code. I have tried running at maximum temp, again the same as above. Though on a few occasions, with temp set to max after a few attempts to get past the E -9 the fire has then run. However, when minimizing the temp by say 4 degrees and other amounts to see if the fire would continue; after a short time strange horn-type sounds followed by 2-3 minutes of fire behaving and then E-9. The fire is then back into E – 9 no matter where I set the temp level. I’ve tried leaving burning at max temp for 2+ hours waiting for the fire to auto go into clean mode. However unless I missed something, nothing changed. I’ve unplugged and left for 2 hours thinking the codes may have got stuck in a loop? however, when switching on, all that needs changing are the time and the temp. This is SO Frustrating,especially now the colder and wet weather is here again. I’ve tried to find any info on the web which is relative to this problem but without any success. I changed the removable tank filter with a new ( like hens’ teeth to find and MEGA £’s). I have treated the oil with Diapetane but no changes to running. I’m at my wit’s end and cold with it. Please advise me if you can spot something I haven’t tried or done and should have and/or need to.
    My Kind Regards

  9. Aran says:

    Į have error code on my zibro heater
    E-81 ???? How to reset it ???

  10. admin says:

    E-81 is poor burning, this can be caused by several different things, but generally the first thing to try is servicing the heater, paying particular attention to the flame rod in the combustion chamber as this is responsible for most combustion type error codes.

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