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October 2020 Seasonal Update – Brico Bravo deals have been removed as they are no longer shipping from Italy to the UK, however we have found a new Italian Supplier who is currently shipping to the UK along with the best deals from UK Vendors.


Zibro lc-30 Inverter Heater
3kw output
Timer and Temp controls
Fan Assisted

Qlima Paraffin Wick Heater
2700W Output
Radiant Heat
Requires no power outlet

Corona 6003 Inverter Heater
Massive 4KW Output
Ideal for Large Rooms


Why I found these deals.

Over the last few years, I have invested heavily in several paraffin inverter heaters in order to heat my home and outside workshop, and in doing so I have saved many hundreds of pounds in expensive Electricity costs, in fact around 50% of the cost of the actual heater was recouped in the Electricity saving which was made during its first winter outing!, and even now at the end of 2019, my home is still heated entirely by three of these little portable heaters.

One thing which I have noticed is that consumers within the UK are getting a raw deal in relation to the cost of actually purchasing these paraffin inverter heaters, compared to consumers based in Europe (where these heaters are more popular), and so when my regular UK supplier hiked the price of my usual Corona Paraffin Inverter Heater by £49, I knew that I had to find a cheaper alternative, and in doing so I was shocked at the savings which could be made, in fact I paid £150 instead of £249 for what was actually an almost identical paraffin inverter heater with a similar spec and heat output, the only difference was the fact that it was much cheaper through being purchased online in Europe. Yes, the UK has the well deserved nickname of ‘Treasure Island’ for good reason.

Bear in mind that purchasing from a European Supplier carries no more risk than buying from any UK source,  any credit card purchase protection will still apply and there are no additional VAT or Duty payments required to be paid to customs upon entering the UK. In fact even the carriage charge is no more from Italy than some UK suppliers are charging. (This also means that if the heater has to be sent back for warranty purposes the cost of the carriage to do so, won’t be prohibitive)

I found that buying two paraffin inverter heaters from my source in Europe was painless and trouble free and just as easy as placing an order with my previous UK source. The heaters turned up in good condition three days later, and have been happily running on domestic Kerosene heating oil ever since.

I have no connection with the European Source i’m recommending whatsoever, other than being a satisfied customer of theirs, i’m purely offering this link out of goodwill so you too can save some money off the high prices which we are currently being charged for paraffin inverter heaters here in the UK.

You can read more information regarding my own personal experience of using Inverter Heaters in place of Electric Heating on my Paraffin Inverter Heater page. You can also buy these inverter heaters from a European supplier at a reduced price from Here which is around £90 – £100 cheaper than a similar heater from a UK Supplier.

You can also save a lot of money on Class C1 Paraffin in these Inverter Heaters simply by using Kerosene. Which is sold in the UK as Domestic Heating Oil.


5 Responses to Cheap Paraffin Inverter Heater

  1. Huw Watkins says:

    Cheapest I can find: £150 delivered

    (Link removed – Stock no longer available, see below for alternatives)

  2. admin says:

    Brico Bravo are no longer offering shipping these inveter heaters outside of Italy. However you can buy one from the UK for £198.95 from here:-

  3. admin says:

    Brico Bravo, are once again shipping the Inverter Heaters to the UK, the current price is £146.85 from here, be quick because stock didn’t last long last year!.

  4. Shayne Mangan says:

    Has anyone looked into the DYNA GLO 956 from the U.S. It’s a fine looking heater @23’000BTU. I am awaiting mine.

  5. admin says:

    The only negative I can see is the high cost of the propane to run it. Propane is generally cheap in the U.S but here in the UK, the Cylinders cost quite a lot and to get the cheapest price means buying the largest cylinder (47kg) which can be difficult to handle and store. Even buying propane in the 47kg Cylinder option would cost more to run per KW/h in the UK than using a heater running on Heating Oil, LPG, or even Electricity, and the cost of a smaller cylinder of propane would essentially double the running cost again. It might be different over in Ireland, because I don’t know what you are paying for Propane and the bulk delivery options, but you do need to work out a kw/h comparison based on your local cost of propane in order to see how much in real terms this heater will actually cost you to run, and how it compares to the cost of any other options available.

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