Special offers on EE Mobile Broadband are not usually the type of thing which I add to this blog as its not entirely mobile phone focused, however I was so surprised at the fact that EE were offering a deal which, for once, was actually quite attractive that I thought that I would share it here, once i’d signed up for it myself!.

This offer is for an EE Mobile Broadband Sim, that means that it is a Data Only Sim which can be used in Mifi devices, Dongles and Phones, but it doesn’t include any calls or texts.

The EE Mobile Broadband Sim Deal offers 25GB of Data every month, for just £15 per month, usually it is £30 a month so you save 50% for as long as you keep the contract with EE. The Mobile Broadband Deal is on a 30 day contract, so you can cancel at any time, giving EE just 30 days notice.

EE Mobile Broadband offers 4G, which is generally the equivalent of a Fibre connection when on the move, better still this Sim is for 4G Double Speed (where available), which gives upto 100 mbps speeds. However, don’t worry if 4G hasn’t come to your area yet as this EE Mobile Broadband Sim will also work on 3G

This EE Mobile Broadband Sim offer is ideal for those who spend a lot of time away from home and need high speed mobile data on the go.

Click Here to get this EE Mobile Broadband special offer of 25GB for £15 per month

Select the £30 for 25GB Option from the bottom of the table, then click ‘Choose’ (Don’t worry about the £30 price tag as we will apply the 50% discount next)

Scroll down the next page, and find the “+ Got a Voucher?” tab, click the tab to open it and enter DATASIM15 into the box, then click ‘apply voucher’

You will then see your monthly price reduced from £30 per month to £15 per month. Congratulations, you can now continue to sign up for the deal.