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If you are looking around for Cheap Premium Paraffin, the chances are that you have already experienced the high prices in the usual places, such as Diy Stores and local hardware shops, who often sell prepackaged premium class C1 Paraffin for up to £10 per 4 litre container.

Premium Paraffin or Class C1 Paraffin as it is also known, is a refined kerosene fuel which burns cleanly and at the same time has most of the usual kerosene odour removed, this makes it idea for burning inside houses or greenhouses, and the clean burn aspect of the fuel removes soot, making it ideal for traditional paraffin wick heaters or kerosene fueled lamps.

Often people are searching for sources of Cheap Premium Paraffin, because they have recently purchased a Paraffin Inverter Heater, and are looking for the recommended C1 Premium Paraffin for use within this heater (as per the manufacturers’ guidelines). There is some good news for owners of these Paraffin Inverter Heaters however, as your heater will run on standard domestic heating oil, which is available for around half of the cost of premium paraffin or odourless kerosene. For more information on running your inverter heater on cheaper, standard heating oil, then please read the Home Heating Using Paraffin Inverter Heater page along with the many visitor comments from others also using this method.

For those who wish to continue to use the recommended Premium Paraffin in their Inverter Heaters, or those who are looking for suitable paraffin fuel to power lamps or greenhouse heaters, then unfortunately, domestic heating oil will be of no use to you as the amount of soot created will be prohibitive.

Sadly for those with no choice but to source Premium Odourless paraffin then its getting harder and harder to source premium paraffin cheaply without paying DIY Store prices, however you may like to use the links below for sources of Mail Order Premium Paraffin, delivered anywhere in the UK.

Barrettine Premium Paraffin (16 Litres)

Caldo Pre Packaged 20 Litres Premium Paraffin (5x 4 Litres)

Premium Paraffin 20 Litres (1x 20 Litre Container)

Premium Paraffin 400 Litres (20 x 20Litre Drums)

Caldo 512 Litres of Premium Paraffin (128 x 4L Containers)

Premium Paraffin 205 Litre Drum

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  1. Mrs southall says:

    Go to caldo for the cheapest paraffin and buy it in bulk I’ve had no trouble with their paraffin quality

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