Corona Inverter Heater EA Error Code

The Corona Inverter Heaters have a built in fault indication system, which will display a series of Error codes, usually starting with a letter ‘E’. On newer inverter heaters, often the ‘E’ error indication on the digital display will be followed by a single number, which can then be used to identify the errors, and provide a resolution.

However there are some older Corona Inverter Heaters, and some Corona models only intended for use in Japan which have error codes which are followed by another letter, and one of these is the EA error code.

Because these Inverter Heaters tend to be older, the user manual may have been discarded, and in some cases, heaters which were made for the Japanese market, may be taken to or sold in other Countries which don’t use the Japanese language and so the user manual would not be of any use.

So what does the Corona Heater ‘EA’ error code actually mean?.

Well, according to the original documents, the Corona ‘EA’ heater error code is caused either by lack of natural room ventilation or an excess of carbon monoxide in the air. In both cases, the heater will switch off, and display the ‘EA’ error code on its display.

The first thing to do, is to make sure that there are no objects close to the heater, which may be obstructing its airflow. Next, make sure that the room has adequate natural fresh air ventilation. Just like any heater which burns with a flame, good ventilation is required when using an inverter heater running on Kerosene, so you may need to open an outside window slightly and position the heater close to the window, in order to ensure that the heater is taking in fresh air, and not just stale air from the room.

Also make sure that the heater output is not too big for the size of room, if you get the EA error code showing on a regular basis, it may be that the room is too small for the size of heater. To try this, take the heater to a larger room, and see if the EA error code occurs again, if it doesn’t then you may need to get a smaller inverter heater with a lower output to heat the room which produces the error code.

In some cases the Electronic air quality sensor inside the heater, which constantly monitors the amount of CO2 (Carbon monoxide) in the room can malfunction and produce incorrect readings which can cause the heater to shut down. If your inverter heater, shows an ‘EA’ error code, as soon as it is switched on, in a well ventilated room, then it is probably the CO2 sensor board which has developed a fault. Unfortunately, these are not easily repairable and so the complete sensor board inside the heater will need to be replaced.


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