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Inverter Heaters are precision made portable heaters which involve the combustion of flammable fuels, and unlike the older wick based paraffin heaters from decades ago, these are modern precision heaters which include many electronic components and sensors, and therefore modern inverter heaters should be maintained and serviced on a regular basis, and treated with care.

Although very reliable in use, operating errors do occur from time to time, and these are often displayed as a series of Error codes on the inverter heater display, often starting with the letter ‘E’ followed by a digit – eg E2, E4, E9 etc.

The majority of popular running errors such as E4 or E2 displayed on the Corona Inverter models or E1 or E2 errors displayed on the SRE300 Inverter Heater Series are often caused by a simple lack of basic maintenance or water / dirt contamination in the fuel, both of which can be solved easily by the owner without the expense of calling in a service agent.

Please read our Inverter Heater E4 error page for details on how to cure E4, E2 and E0 errors in Corona Inverter Heaters (and similar errors on most other models)

However, if your inverter heater refuses to work, or it displays any of the more serious ‘call service engineer’ type error codes, then you may require the heater to be disassembled, and serviced internally, and it is possible that it may also require replacement parts.

Some of the more adventurous owners may be tempted to remove the covers and try and identify the problem and replace any faulty part(s) themselves, and whilst doing this in the UK is not illegal (unlike Gas heater repairs) extreme care should be used before attempting this due to the fact that the heater uses flammable fuels. Taking digital photos of each stage of the dismantling process may be useful, in order to refer back to, when reassembling the unit.

For advice (and pictures) on how to strip down, clean and service your own inverter heater then our step by step guide may be of use.

Others, who have also found this page, may also be struggling to find any information as to part numbers and service manuals for repairing these Inverter heaters, and this information is extremely rare. Obviously there is little goodwill shown by the UK Distributors in relation to replacing spare parts, beyond replacement fuel filters and even spares such as fuel tanks and fuel tank caps are virtually impossible to source online.

However, if you require inverter heater parts and spares which are not stocked by the usual online sources, then you should contact Dry it Out for UK Spares, or and Brico Bravo if you are based elsewhere in Europe.

Essege is the sole European Distributor for Corona, Ruby, Kero, & Tosai brand inverter heaters in the UK and Europe and they are also extremely helpful when it comes to putting you in touch with a local spare parts distributor for all of these brands of inverter heater.

So what happens if you are unable to identify or fix the problem yourself? or don’t wish to attempt to repair your inverter heater?, often it can be prohibitively expensive to send the heater back to the Manufacturer once it is outside of its warranty period, and it can be false economy to scrap these expensive heaters if they are still economically repairable.

There is a independent company based in the UK, who can service Inverter Heaters and at a reasonable cost (£45 at the time of writing this article). They offer a mobile based service for those who are based in the North West, however you can also send your heater to them by courier, if you are outside of their mobile service coverage area.

For more information, on Inverter Heater repairs and servicing, contact Alex on 07988774336

(Please note that I have no connection with this company)


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  1. Colin Walker says:

    Hi there. I have an Inverter heater which is not working. Do you service heaters and what would the cost be please

  2. admin says:

    Sorry I don’t service heaters, i’m not even in the trade, i’m just a consumer running a private blog to help others save money on their Heating Bills. I created this page showing a complete strip down and service of an Inverter Heater, in order for owners to service their heaters themselves, largely because service agents are few and far between and only tend to advertise during the Winter Months.

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