Dipetane Fuel Additive Review

Dipetane Fuel Additive Review

Is Dipetane additive any good? Does it work? Is it worth buying?

Dipetane Fuel Additive ReviewThose who read my blog during the early years would remember that I tried running several different additives in my Paraffin Inverter Heaters, in fact that particular year I probably ended up spending more on weird and wonderful fuel additives than I actually did on Kerosene heating oil, and at the end of it, all I had was empty pockets and an equally dirty combustion chamber to clean at the winter months.

I really wanted to find a fuel additive that did work, that lived up to its claims but at the same time, I didn’t want to appear to be the bloke on TV from years ago who liked his Razor so much, that he bought the company!. In the end I didn’t have to worry too much, because nothing worked, at least not good enough to spend an entire night writing about it!.

This unsuccessful venture into the world of fuel additives, resulting in me branding all additives as Snake Oil!, and I pulled all mention of them from my writing.

However for the last five years or so, I have noticed several readers of the blog, mentioning a certain fuel additive called Dipetane in the comments and their success with it in their own heaters, and not just one person but several consistently over a period of years.

My Additive curiosity was once again piqued, could this be the holy grail of additives?, would it make me a better lover?, Win me the lottery? or get me a date with a supermodel?!!. Ok, perhaps my hopes were a little high with that list, but I would settle for something which saved me money, or kept the burn as clean as possible when using a range of very cheap, bog standard heating oil.

With a mind that was still very much open in relation to fuel additives, during the Winter of 2018 / 19 I began adding the Dipetane additive, in a slightly above recommended 10ml dose added to every 4L fill of ordinary kerosene.

Fortunately the bottle came with measuring gradients marked on the side, so unlike many other additives it scored a few brownie points right from the start, as I no longer needed to steal Mrs Admin’s measuring jugs from her Kitchen Cupboard……

For the first few fills nothing happened, in fact I forgot I was using it between fills and stopped looking for something amazing to happen!. I didn’t become rich, and no supermodel pulled up outside my house in her Ferrari.

However I was finding that I was using slightly less Kerosene during the same period. Of course, this is not scientific research, its one bloke writing a blog and I understand the placebo effect, however those 25 litre of containers, did seem to be lasting a little bit longer than usual as the Winter wore on. So the jury is still out on that one.

However the biggest difference came when I came to do my annual heater service, a complete strip down and clean of the combustion chamber which I do every April. Whilst not spotless, the amount of carbon was noticeably reduced, usually I have to scrape it off with a knife and liberal amounts of Mr Muscle, not this time as the build up was significantly reduced and what was there just wiped off using a damp Magic Eraser sponge.

So if you are looking to buy an additive to add to your fuel, then this is the only one that I would recommend. Does it reduce fuel use?, create more heat?, from a cleaner, hotter combustion?.

Perhaps, or maybe the small reduction in fuel use was my imagination, or the placebo effect or perhaps we just had a mild winter, so I can’t say with any certainty that it will save you money on fuel, but let me know if you see a fuel reduction, as it stood I probably had around 12 Litres of fuel left over compared to other years, which doesn’t sound a lot and could have been the result of many other factors.

However one thing that I have seen with my own eyes is that using it would seem to produce less carbon, and so I would recommend using it on that fact alone, as it reduces maintenance and should more than pay for itself by prolonging the life of the heater.

Dipetane costs around £12 per Litre bottle, and can be purchased online from Here.