Corona Inverter Heater EH Error Code

The Corona Inverter Heater has a complex built in fault diagnostic system, which identifies various errors, starting with ‘E’ based codes. Usually most codes are followed with an actual number, such as E1 or E4 both of which can be identified here, however there are some Corona heaters, which were manufactured for the Japanese market, which have running error codes which consist of a letter after the ‘E’ prefix, and one of these is ‘EH’

In most cases, the Corona EH error code is caused by the temperature inside the heater, exceeding safe operating levels. So in other words, the inverter heater is overheating and the EH error code indicates an internal overheat situation, which immediately causes the heater to shut down.

The main cause of the Corona EH error code is dust clogging either the air intake at the rear of the heater, or the hot air outlet grill at the front of the heater, and you should clean both of these.

Corona ‘EH’ errors can also be caused by objects, (such as furniture) being placed too close to the heater, and you should always ensure that there is plenty of airspace around your Corona Inverter heater when in operation.

It is also important to make sure that there is plenty of ventilation in the room where you are using your heater, because lack of fresh air (ventilation) in the room can also cause the ‘EH’ error code, so try opening a window slightly and move the heater so that its rear intake fan is as close as possible to the open window.

If this advice, fails to solve your Corona EH Error code, then you will need to clean and service your heater. The Instructions for doing this, along with a video can be found on the link below.

How to service a Corona Inverter Heater


3 Responses to Corona Inverter Heater EH Error Code

  1. Ali reza says:

    Error hh

  2. admin says:

    HH Error’s aren’t covered or documented, so I suspect it will be an Electronic Component failure inside the unit or on the control panel. Refer to a dealer.

  3. Gary Whitaker says:

    Anybody else have the EH code appear, mine does it regularly, I’ve stripped it down cleaned several times but it’s still happening, any body got any ideas

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