Kero-241 Off Grid Portable Kerosene Heater Wick Burner

There is a growing demand for off grid portable kerosene fueled heaters which don’t require an Electricity supply in order to operate, and examples of such applications are remote cabins, sheds, workshops, summer houses, Canal Boats, Caravans and Camping. In addition, the fact that these kerosene heaters do not require a power supply, make them equally suitable for emergency use during power outages during the winter months, and the output from the Kero-241 is more than enough to heat a medium sized living room.

Beyond its more obvious emergency uses, some visitors to our blog, also report using these heaters for regular home heating, in porches and conservatories which may not have Electricity, and even living areas and of course their economical running costs, make them much more attractive than a similar output Electric Heater, whilst sharing the same 100% efficiency, which means 100% of the heat from the fuel goes into the room, and not out of a flue or chimney.

The Kero-241 is indeed compact (40 cm high x 35 cm wide x 32 cm deep) , making it portable, and it can easily be carried around for camping or caravan applications, or can easily be stored away for emergency use. However, don’t let its small size fool you into thinking that its heat output is also tiny, as it offers a 2.2 kw heat output at full power which is slightly more than a 2 KW convector heater for around 1/3 of the running cost, and so it can quite easily heat an average sized room, or an entire Caravan or Narrow boat quite quickly. The heat output is also manually variable, using the ignition lever / slider.

With its 3.2 Litre Fuel Tank, the heater will run continuously for up to 16 hours from one fill, and its Electronic Ignition (Powered by internal batteries) makes lighting the burner easy & safe with no need to fumble around with lit matches.

The Kero-241 is a safe, reliable and economical means of providing portable or off grid heating and can easily be used in the event of a power outage during bad weather, or in remote locations.

The Kero-241 can be purchased online