Heating Cost Comparison

Here we compare the actual running costs of various heating appliances for use within a domestic household.

Mains Gas Heating Appliances

Gas Fire

High – 11p per hour

Medium – 7p per hour

Low – 4p per hour

Gas Flued Wall Heater

High – 6p per hour

Medium – 5p per hour

Low – 3p per hour

Gas Central Heating (including domestic hot water)

During very cold weather – 44p per hour

During Cold weather – 23p per hour

During Autumn / Milder Weather – 17p per hour

Electric Heating (based on 12p per kw/h)

750 watt oil filled Radiator – 9p per hour

1200 watt halogen heater – 14.4p per hour

400 watt halogen heater –  4.8p per hour

1000 watt heater – 12p per hour

1500 watt oil filled radiator – 0.18p per hour

2000 watt (2kw) convector heater – 24p per hour

2400 watt (2.4kw) fan heater – 28.8p per hour

3000 watt (3kw) convector heater – 36p per hour

Economy 7 storage heaters (based on 5.5p per kw/h economy 7 tariff)

1.7kw storage heater – 9.35p per hour (65.4p per 7 hour charge)

2.55kw storage heater – 14p per hour (98p per 7 hour charge)

3.4kw storage heater – 18.7p per hour (£1.31 per 7 hour charge)

Electric Heat Pump

5kw Heat Pump (outputs around 10kw of heat) – £0.60p per hour

11kw Heat Pump (outputs around 25kw of heat)  – £1.32 per hour

Bottled Calor Gas Fire

High – 66p per hour

Medium – 47p per hour

Low – 16p per hour

Oil Fired Central Heating (including domestic hot water)

During very cold weather – 75p per hour

During cold weather – 48p per hour

During milder autumn / spring weather – 28p per hour

Paraffin / Kerosene Invertor heater (based on 70p per litre for Kerosene)

Full Setting (3000 watts) – 21p per hour

Medium Setting (1900 watts) – 13.3p per hour

Eco Setting (800 watts) – 5.6p per hour

All prices in the above heating cost comparison are based on current fuel rates as of January 2014

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