Gas Cylinders Uk

As LPG prices increase there is a growing demand for a more competitively priced national source of Butane and Propane LPG based gas cylinders, especially during the winter months.

Butane and Propane gas cylinders are finding their way into an increasing number of portable appliances, both for recreational use and domestic heating appliances.

Traditionally, Gas Cylinders are sold locally in hardware shops and on Caravan sites, unfortunately because of their niche market, they also tend to be the most expensive sources of both Butane and Propane Gas Cylinders as they are often resellers of resellers, often meaning that profit mark up is added twice.

It makes more sense to buy your Propane and Butane cylinders and refills direct from a Gas Cylinder LPG Distributor at the most competitive prices, especially one which can deliver to your door, on a national scale. The one which I recommend is Alfresco Gas Direct.

Alfresco Gas will deliver direct to your door at a very competitive price, (often far lower than a local LPG distributor), regardless of whether you have an exchange gas cylinder or not. They sell both Butane and Propane Gas cylinders of all weights, suitable for Bar-b-que’s, Outside Patio Heaters, Caravan Heating, Portable Gas Heaters, Blown air heaters etc.

6kg Propane Gas Cylinder / Refill

11kg Propane Gas Cylinder / Refill

47kg Propane Gas Cylinder / Refill

7kg Butane Gas Cylinder / Refill

For the full range of Propane and Butane Gas Cylinders in the UK, and the latest LPG prices, visit their listing at Alfresco Gas Direct


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